In the past three years, I have had the opportunity to work with John Hummel and Associates on the construction and redesign of my homes in Southampton and New York City. I have continually been impressed with the innovation of their ideas and integrity of their workmanship and their people. The results have been extraordinary.

Andrew Rosen, Client

The team at John Hummel and Associates made the process of constructing our new home enjoyable. We had been out of our house for nearly two years, and were very focused on the timing of construction – and wanted nothing more than to be in by Memorial Day. Having done a number of construction projects with other builders and contractors, we were very worried that our house wouldn’t be done on schedule. We were in our house over 2 months early! With enough time to then build a pool before the summer. The Hummel team was always well organized, conscientious, responsive, and understands fully the importance of service. Most importantly, our team at Hummel cares as much about our home as we do, and they still do even after our home is built. We are thrilled with the quality and look of our home, and all of the details for which they were responsible. We won’t ever do another construction project without the team we worked with at John Hummel and Associates!

Francesca L. Odell, Client

In today’s world, stress free construction is a priceless commodity. That’s what we got with John Hummel and Associates – an old fashioned family business with old fashioned values. From start to finish, it was a true pleasure. We ended up with our home renovated to perfection, and to boot, great new friends.

Tom Bernstein, Client

I have completed several projects with John Hummel and Associates and they have always been a great asset to the job. The entire team is great to work with…they are knowledgeable and professional in the field, have attention for detail and quality craftsmanship, and maintain a work schedule so the project is always completed on time.

Robert Stilin, Robert Stilin Design

Working with John Hummel and Associates took the stress out of the design and construction of our store. They perfectly executed our ideas for the space, easily overcame any challenges, and did so on a timely basis, which was critical for our opening. Everyone sent to our job site was courteous, neat and professional. We’ll happily recommend them to all our friends and customers.

Louis Marra & Allison Julius of Maison 24 in Bridgehampton, Clients

We had a wonderful experience with the team from John Hummel and Associates. The quality of their work, their attention to detail, and as important, the level of their attentiveness and personal service are absolutely unique.”

Aaron Stone, Client

John Hummel and Associates demonstrates the best attributes of a traditional family business, concern for their customers mixed with depth and breadth of experience.  Their honest and straightforward teamwork approach makes dealing with the inevitable construction issues a pleasant exchange of ideas and solutions.  I appreciate their dedication to value, quality and craftsmanship, and recommend them highly.

David Hottenroth,  Hottenroth + Joseph Architects

It’s always a nice moment on a project when you realize you are working with an exceptional contractor. Hummel came highly recommended to me through various acquaintances and former clients, and I was pleased to be aligned with a firm whose local reputation is so strong (in the Hamptons, there are no secrets). During the project—comprehensive renovation of a 10,000 sf house in Southampton with a demanding architect and firm schedule—they met or exceeded every expectation, from assigning to the project a truly outstanding manager, to storing and organizing an inventory of light fixtures accessible to the site, to sourcing locally painted finishes I thought we would have to bring tradespeople from New York City to achieve.

This is my third project for these clients, who are experienced and know the difference between good and great, and Hummel was the contractor they have most enjoyed working with. It was my pleasure as a designer to find myself trying to keep up with their execution.

David Netto, David Netto Design

Working with John Hummel and Associates was a wonderful experience. Everything, every step of the way, was handled professionally and attentively. The work is flawless and the team is involved and detail oriented. Everyone at John Hummel and Associates is delightful and extremely responsive. Doing renovations can be stressful at times, but I truly cannot image a better team to work with. Working with John Hummel and Associates did not feel like I was renovating my house, instead it felt like I was customizing my home.

Alex Rosner, Client

Our architect’s recommendation was an important factor in our selection of a contractor, although I must say, I could not believe working with any builder could be as positive an experience as he described. The house is now built and Nicole and I know that our architect was entirely accurate. The job was done beautifully. The people working in your firm and the subcontractors you selected demonstrated a level of craftsmanship and attention to detail that I thought had ceased to exist long ago. You delivered beyond our wildest expectations. We never had to worry. You made clear by your actions that you were completely devoted to our needs as homeowners, and made recommendations in order to meet our long-term needs. And your focus was always on our best interests. Perfection is a high standard to meet, and, as I write this, critical as I am capable of being, I cannot think of any respect in which you fell short. Thank you all.”

David & Nicole Gruenstein, Clients

I have to admit that when I saw our century old house lifted high in the air with bobcats running underneath it digging a new foundation and basement, my heart skipped more than one beat!  The team from John Hummel and Associates did an amazing job getting our house back on terra firm.  The quality of their workmanship, their attention to detail and their amazing solutions oriented attitude transformed an historic house into a beautiful home that we love.  We cannot thank them enough for all of their hard work and dedication.

Craig L. Reicher, Client

John Hummel and Associates execution of our project was flawless. The quality of their work as well as our interaction with their team exceeded all expectations and we would recommend them without hesitation. Our hope is to soon have another project to work on with them.

 Upper Eastside Client